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People play with their mobile phones when they’re bored. Games cure boredom.

We want to put the two together and develop beautiful things.

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Mobile phones are tools, we want to make apps that turn mobile phones into even more useful tools.

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Looking for a mobile app developer? Then look no further. If you need an app developed, we can design it, build it, make it look pretty and then ship it back to you with a bow on it.

Just need help submitting to an app store? We can help with that too.


We use technology to enhance the quality of life of people with all kinds of needs, including stroke and road traffic accident patients, individuals with life-limiting conditions and injured soldiers returning from overseas. Our mission is to enable anyone, whatever their disability, to enjoy video games and leisure technology. But we’re not just doing it for the sake of fun. By giving disabled people the means to participate, we’re kick-starting rehabilitation, self-esteem and, most importantly, inclusion.
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Quarterback Club

Enter stats for your favourite quarterback (or yours) to work out the passer rating for a game, season or career.
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1 Month with the Microsoft Band

Recently I was very lucky to have a friend of mine offer me the use of their spare Microsoft Band. I’ve never really been a fan of wearables but my mild affection for Microsoft made me cast my prejudices aside. My first impression is that the Band is nice to touch. It... read more